Thursday, December 08, 2016

For correctional contact professionals dealing with potentially dangerous subjects:

Learn the conflict resolution tactics to improve staff safety while reducing injuries, lawsuits, and complaints ...
... that have been tested on the streets with police officers for over 27 years


As a correctional professional, you may or may not have heard of the Tactical Communications program from the Verbal Judo Institute. However, if you have a background in law enforcement, you likely have.

Over the last 27 years, Tactical Communications has been taught to over 1 million police officers throughout the world and is the basis of four books (over 300,000 copies sold) written by Dr. George Thompson ("Doc"), the founder of the Verbal Judo Institute.

Since 2007 , Gary Klugiewicz, Director of Research and Development for the Verbal Judo Institute and Doc have been testing the application of Tactical Communications within correctional institutions, with outstanding results.

In fact, what we've learned is that Tactical Communications the reduction of injury, lawsuits, and complaints is even more significant in correctional institutions than on the streets.

The reality is that correctional professionals must deal with verbal confrontations MUCH more frequently than police -- so the opportunities to apply Tactical Communications are more frequent and, as a result, the outcomes are more profound.

Therefore, in 2009, we decided to offer a new program through the Verbal Judo Institute titled: Tactical Communications for the Correctional Professional Training Program. To date, this course has been taught in Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin -- with more classes scheduled throughout the country.

This program trains participants in developing threat-assessment listening skills, making effective initial contacts, managing verbal abuse, generating voluntary compliance, cooperation and collaboration when dealing with verbal resistance, de-escalating potential physical confrontation through the use of sound verbal tactics, and debriefing the subject after the incident to prevent future incidents. A core emphasis is on Ethical Interventions by staff -- with an oversight process for assisting each other in managing the inmate's, the correctional professional and other staff member's emotions and conduct.

This Tactical Communications program trains participants how to perform these verbal tactics utilizing a staff-safety-based response template that balances the need for effective verbal communication with the ability to know when words alone will fail and action is necessary.  This template allows for court-defensible decision making, report writing, and incident review -- and effective courtroom testimony.

The length of the program is five days for instructor training and three days for basic training. These time frames allow for an effective learning experience, with classroom and scenario-based instruction. The program may be taught in a one or two day format using a restricted curriculum.

To learn more about this program or to host a class at your location, please call Gary Klugiewicz at 414-688-5572 or submit the form below.

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